What are some of the benefits associated with Cloud Computing?

Cost Savings: this is the biggest benefit of cloud computing. It helps you to save substantial capital cost as it does not need any physical hardware investments. Also, you do not need trained personnel to maintain the hardware. The buying and managing of equipment is done by the cloud service provider.

Strategic edge: Cloud computing offers a competitive edge over your competitors. It helps you to access the latest and applications any time without spending your time and money on installations.

Reliability: it is one of the biggest pluses of cloud computing. You can always get instantly updated about the changes.

Mobility: employees who are working on the premises or at the remote locations can easily access all the cloud services. All they need is an Internet connectivity.

Unlimited storage capacity: the cloud offers almost limitless storage capacity. At anytime, you can quickly expand your storage capacity with very nominal monthly fees.

Collaboration: The cloud computing platform helps employees who are located in different geographies to collaborate in a highly convenient and secure manner.

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