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TV Sales & Home – E-commerce website

Executive Summary

TV Sales and Home (TVSH) is renowned for selling high-quality furniture, bedding, domestic appliances, electronics, and other goods through a network of more than 50 stores around the country. Delivering high-quality goods is synonymous with TV Sales and Home. Regardless of the location or time of the month, they aim to offer a consistently high-quality service throughout their branch network. They have created an international e-commerce website that is aimed at all clients.

Problem Statement :

TVSH was worried about how often their ecommerce platform went down during their busiest trade times of the month. They also lacked a trustworthy e-commerce platform backup facility. In order to handle the high amount of traffic during peak times, which required more high computing equipment, the current infrastructure was not scalable. TV Sales and Home needed a solution for these problems because it was costly in the long run to operate an e-commerce website on a subpar cloud instance.

Why AWS and STC

TVSH made the decision to move its e-commerce system to the AWS cloud, which is widely recognized as the industry pioneer in cloud computing. TV Sales and Home was able to use AWS Cloud to address the two main issues: the high expense of using inefficient servers to run the ecommerce platform and the inflexibility of servers to handle high volumes during peak times. Scalable infrastructure that could adapt to varying levels of demand for computational power was provided via the AWS Cloud solution. Also, TV Sales and Home no longer needed to continue paying exorbitant costs for unused processing resources in between periods gave TV Sales and Home the solutions and know-how to quickly move the e-commerce platform to the AWS Cloud.

Proposed Solution

For deploying a WordPress website, STC suggested a multi-tiered design based on the Amazon RefArch framework. This system made use of a NAT Gateway, Route53, ALB, EC2 instances, EFS, and RDS. The client was first introduced to the WordPress solution during the initial call. The solution’s strong resilience, capacity for self-healing, and 90% uptime are a success criteria.


High level Architecture components

With the removal of a single point of failure, STC suggested a multi-tiered architecture solution that increased the security and performance of the web application using the AWS Nat service, SSL certificate, and auto-scaling group, as well as web application from the database. The solution eliminates a lot of the need for an upfront hardware investment, resulting in faster application development and deployment.

The Results

With the expertise of STC, TVSH now boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure with a 99.99% uptime rate. By embracing the various pricing structures in AWS that allowed them to pay only for the resources they were using, TVSH earned significant upfront cost savings of over 60% on hardware acquisition and long-term maintenance expenditures. Additionally, running in the AWS cloud boosted agility, scalability, and allowed the business create a modernization plan that will put it in a better position to be more inventive. By a wide margin, TVSH was able to accomplish their time-to-market objectives in the AWS cloud, exceeding clients’ expectations well ahead of schedule. TVSH was able to adhere to the 3-month backup retention time standards thanks to AWS Backup.

Our Clients

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