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Executive Summary 

Sabi-Thorn Trading (Private) Limited was founded in 2022, and it is an agricultural trading business. The business acts as an agent between farmers and both formal and informal markets to buy and sell commercial table potatoes. Large retailers and eateries such as PnP, Simbisa and Chicken Slice, are among their formal clients. The business was searching for an affordable, scalable, and simple-to-deploy option to host their ERP system.


Sabi-Thorn Trading’s ERP System needed a platform to be hosted. Sabi-Thorn required a platform for speedy deployment of their scalable ERP software that also lowers total cost of ownership (TCO). As part of their disaster recovery plan, they were also considering having a solution that could backup and restore data at any time.

The Solution

STC, an Advanced Partner of AWS, suggested using Amazon to host the application. AWS is a cloud computing platform that enables businesses of all sizes to host their servers and services. Sabi-Thorn needed a platform to swiftly deploy its solution, and Amazon has made it possible for its customers to innovate more quickly, become more agile, and enjoy lower expenses.

The suggested remedy starts two instances in Cape Town’s AF-south 1. Cape Town was the nearest location to deploy instances due to low latency.

The Solution enables production server backups. Clients also benefit from pay-as-you-go, resource optimization, and resource scalability based on demand.

Two EC2 instances are employed by the solutions; each one is used for staging and production and offers resizable computing capacity. Then, storage is accomplished via Elastic Block Storage (EBS). For backup purposes, snapshots are taken at regular intervals and have a set retention time. Users are notified of the list of snapshots through an AWS SNS service.

This service enables users to stay informed about the backup status of the service.

After numerous meetings with the software developers to determine the precise hardware requirements for the ERP Software, the installation was completed ensuring compliance with the required standards. The solution was implemented as monolithic architecture, but there is an opportunity to rearchitect the solution to lever a two-tier architecture and scalability.

The Results 

The cloud infrastructure was successfully setup for Sabi-Thorn, who went on to set up their cloud-based ERP system. In three days, the client had their cloud-based ERP ready in AWS. The client was taking advantage of the pay-as-you-go cloud computing feature, which allowed the client to avoid making the significant capital commitment required to buy and operate servers. The client particularly valued the solution’s system backup and notifications, which have simplified their monitoring and notifications on backups.

Our Clients

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