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Deliver the best omnichannel customer service. At STC we offer one platform with everything you need to serve customers and grow your business.

Experience the power of efficiency with Freshdesk

Freshdesk is built to make customer engagement accessible to businesses of all sizes, so you can deliver an effortless customer experience at scale without the cost and complexity of legacy software. It allows you to engage customers across every touchpoint with a 360-degree view of the customer—across e-mail, phone, chat, social media, and more. You can also automate and streamline complex workflows and answer customer queries with no-code bots for faster resolutions and happier customers. Our aim is to make it easy for your customers to reach you!

Product Features

Ticketing Made Easy

Ensure that multiple agents don’t wind up working on the same ticket by accident.


Automatically suggest ticket fields to categorize, prioritize and route incoming tickets.

Set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on different business hours or categories.

Prevent reopening of tickets when customers respond with a thank you

Provide quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies.


Discuss specific parts of tickets with experts from across your company to figure out the best solutions.

Share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue.

Link related tickets together to keep track of widespread issues and deliver consistent responses.

Resolve complex, multi-stage issues faster by splitting them into smaller child tickets.

Omni Channel Communication

Convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve.

Set up a fully functional call center and record and track calls by converting them into tickets.

Engage, support, and retain customers through live chat.

Integrate your company’s Facebook page and Twitter handles and manage them from within the helpdesk.

Let customers raise tickets from your website and display related knowledge base articles as they type.

Engage your customers instantly through WhatsApp and resolve their queries faster.

Filed Service Management

Create service tasks for tickets that need a field team response and track its status to completion.

Create field technician groups based on location, priority and other factors to reduce waiting time and boost first-time fix rates.

Drag and drop appointments, assign tasks and get a bird’s eye view of your field team workload.

Enable field technicians to pick up service tasks, update information and resolve issues on the go.

Automatically track time spent working in the field with the mobile app and log your billable hours.

Helpdesk Automation

Automatically assign tickets to agents and groups based on keywords, requester or properties.

Assign tickets to agents based on their current workload, skill or using the round robin method.

Execute maintenance activities on tickets based on the time lapsed since an event happened.

Implement one or more actions on specific tickets as soon as an event happens.

Notify customers and agents automatically about the changes happening in their ticket.

Auto-assigns emails, chats and calls to your agents based on their available bandwidth to support customers faster.

Self Service Customer Portal

Show helpful solutions based on where your customers are — on your website, mobile app, or even chat!


Allow relevant solutions to pop up for customers and save time for your agents and customers

Let agents convert their ticket replies into knowledge base articles, as they reply.

Writers will be notified automatically about feedback on their articles so they can implement them.


Helpdesk Analytics

Understand how different agents and groups are performing based on various helpdesk metrics.

Gauge how customers feel about your support using customer satisfaction reports.

Monitor your helpdesk using real-time data about tickets, trends and groups.

Build reports from scratch and customize them to suit your requirements.

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