AWS Practice - AWS Config Service Delivery

AWS Config gives you the ability to assess, audit, and evaluate configurations of your resources. It tracks and stores configuration history of your AWS resources, software and tracks relationships of AWS resources in your account. It gives you pre-built rules for evaluating, provisioning and configuring your AWS resources. Conformance packs help you manage compliance of your AWS resource configuration at scale–from policy definition to auditing and aggregated reporting–using a common framework and packaging model. 

Using AWS Config, you can have centralized auditing and governance with multi account and multi region data aggregation. It gives you an enterprise-wide view of your AWS Config rule compliance status, and you can associate your AWS organization to quickly add your accounts.

You can even publish the configuration of third-party resources into AWS Config using publicly available APIs. Third-party resources could be version control systems such as GitHub, Microsoft Active Directory resources or even on-premise servers.

You can create configuration snapshots, which is a point in time capture of all your resources and configurations. This can be generated via the CLI or API calls, and is delivered to an S3 bucket of your choice.

Case Studies - AWS Config

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