Our History

Our Passion

Our passion is to deliver a world class service of impeccable quality drives us to ensure that our clients re satisfied at all times. With each passing day, STC sees an opportunity for Telecommunications and Advanced Security Systems to enhance your business operations. We thrive and feed on excellence in all our work. Trusting your Telecommunications and Security Systems needs will be one of the best decisions tu could ever make for your business. Ats Standard Telephones and Cables, we strongly believe in nurturing long fulfilling relationships with the the clients. We therefore pay attention to your needs and try our extreme best to meet them. We make sure each encounter we share leaves a memorable impression that you will wish to pass on to future generations in your business.

Our Promise

Our chase after technology is all aimed at reducing the consumers communication costs and delivering quality service both onsite and in the office.

STC aims to keep our installation and running costs competitive by maintaining fair and stable pricing. By stocking our warehouses with the necessary hardware and negotiating purchase discounts with our suppliers we able to reduce procurement costs an fulfil our promise to provide a world class service at affordable rates.

We will always advise you on the latest technologies which deliver more cost effective solutions in Telecommunications and high end Electronic Security Solutions.

Our History

Our roots in the trade run deep as we have more than 40 years of experience in transforming the Telecommunications and Digital security face of businesses in Zimbabwe. STC has grown and developed because of a sting commitment to meet the dynamic, complex telecommunication and electronic security systems needs of our clients. We have grown to understand that businesses need to match the fast changing communication trends and security concerns and we are always a step ahead to make the changes s swift and smooth as possible.

Our secret lies in being able to treat each business uniquely whether small or big, your business it important to us.